THE WALL - Archaism and Plasticity

Workshop about earth, building and architecture with Martin Rauch and Anna Heringer  in cooperation with the brick company EDER und BASEhabitat/ University of Art Linz/ die Architektur To understand a material you need to form it, to build with it, to feel it. The process of discovering the language of a material blurs the distinction between craftsman, architect and sculptor and opens new fields of forming. Modernity is not a matter of a material; it is a matter of architectural language. About 35 tons of fresh adobe bricks were formed to a long wall from which openings were cut out. Straight, round, vaulted, structured, clean, rhythmic, plain, compressed, coloured, plastic, massive.
Concept and supervision:
Martin Rauch and Anna Heringer
Participants: 30 students of University of Art Linz/
die Architektur
Partners: Ziegelwerk Eder (Sponsor) and BASEhabitat/ University of Art Linz
Peuerbach, Austria, June 2008