Renovation of an old attic

This apartment, a former attic that has been renovated and turned into a living space for a family is an attempt to follow the same ideas like the projects in Bangladesh:
a high input of craftsmanship and natural materials like rammed earth, wood, clay and lime plaster. The coloured textiles bring life and atmosphere into the rooms, the position of the windows generates a dynamic in the apartment and a diversity of spaces: cozy, more dark and bright sun- lighted ones. The energy system is based on geo-thermal heating. A wood stove is the warm core of the relatively big living room in winter – it forms a cozy niche to retreat with a book while the rest of the room can have a lower temperature.
Anna Heringer, Edith Karl
Interior design: Anna Heringer
Technical Planning: Planquadrat Fritsche GmbH
Carpenters: Susanne Menzel, holzundraum Christoph Kloecker, Otto Putzhammer
Ceramics: Ulrike Ullmann
Ceramic tiles: Marta and Sebastian Rauch
Rammed earth: Lehm Ton Erde Baukunst GmbH Martin Rauch 
Rammed earth stove: LehmO 
Lime and clay plaster: Gerold Ulrich