25th anniversary: The Fall of The Berlin Wall

project start: August 13th 2014, Bernauerstrasse 4,Berlin
Anna Heringer and Martin Rauch

Built in a participatory process this rammed earth installation at the Berlin Wall will be made of local soil from the former death zone, which stores the wounds of a society in form of splitters from the destroyed buildings, invites to reflect on vulnerablitity and its meaning to society and nature.
In discussions on sustainability often the decay of buildings is neglected. We want to promote a way of constructing, that does not leave a desert, or death zone behind, but a fertile land - a basis for peace. History has proved that buildings can inflict pain on society. This project will be built with the public together with people that have been physically or psychically wounded, in order to enable through a creative work processes the building of solidarity, individual and mutual trust.
Out of fear we build walls that hurt societies. Out of fear we build with highly durable materials, that later inflict harm on nature. Our vision is that trust, not fear is basis of our actions, our constructions. In our projects in the Global South and the Global North we can feel that the lack of trust in structures made out of local, natural materials, the fear of vulnerability leads to the use of industrialized materials. But we cannot build homes for 7 billion people in concrete and steel only. Built with earth and water, fashioned by human hand, as resilient as concrete, earth constructions are highly sustainable as they can be entirely reclaimed by nature. No death zone, but a fertile ground is left behind. Currently 1/3 of the world´s population lives in earthen structures, yet they are not being taught at architecture faculties. This project aims to raise trust and provide hands-on experiences for architects and the public.
The project is archaic: a simple circle, as symbol of the eternal cycles of life and death. The  low and narrow entrance is located one meter under the control-line level to evoke the memory of the escapes through tunnels under the wall. With the material`s sensuality and warm character the space inside instills a feeling of security, but also the endeavor for freedom through the wide opening to the sky.On the 25th anniversary of the fall of the wall, the rye of the former death zone together with rye from fields along the Iron Curtain, will be baked to a symbolic peace bread. Our sculpture will incorporate an oven and define an atmospheric space for this action, where delegations from eleven countries will participate.
Concept and design:
Anna Heringer and Martin Rauch
Client: Verein Friedensbrot e.V.
site: Bernauerstrasse 4, Berlin, next to the chapel of reconciliation
project start: Summer 2015
The structure will be constructed with a participatory workshop. Participants from all around the world are welcome. More information soon.