Reportage | 24/08/2018

Anlasslich seines 1000-jahrigen Jubilaums bekommt der Wormser Dom ein ganz besonderes Geschenk: Einen neuen Altar, geformt aus Lehm und alle Katholiken in Worms sind dazu aufgerufen, mitzumachen

Wormser Zeitung | 08/2018

Der neue Altar im Wormser Dom ist fertiggestellt. Er ist das Glanzstuck der ganzen Gemeinde - denn viele Menschen haben mitgeholfen, das Werk aus Lehm zu vollenden.

COVER 52 | 09/2018

Evolve-magazin n.19 | 07-09/2018

"Anna Heringer baut moderne Hauser aus Lehm"

Architektur.Aktuell | 07/2018

DETAIL | 07-08/2018

Eines der armellosen T-Shirts von Didi Textiles tragt sie selbst, ein weiteres Exemplar hangt hoch oben auf einer Bambusstange. Doch Heringer betont: "Das ist kein Shirt, es ist ein Freiraum!"

Floornature | 07/2018

"A project that brings together traditional building materials like clay with Bangladeshi fabrics and an Austrian enterprise. The project for the Omicron spaces was generated by the collaboration between Studio Anna Heringer and Martin Rauch's Lehm Ton Erde"

Designboom | 06/2018

"at the 2018 venice architecture biennale, german architect anna heringer has created an installation that brings attention to the plight of female textile workers in bangladesh"

Bengal Stream | 12/2017

Exibition catalogue

Diesseits der Form | 11/2017

"  Es ist doch ein archaisches Grundbedurfnis des Menschen, gebraucht werden zu wollen. Das gilt fur alle Menchen. Jedes kind mochte schon gebraucht werden und hilft sofort, wenn es eine Gelegenheit dazu sieht. Wenn man Architektur in diesem Sinne wirken lassen kann, dann hat man sehr, sehr starke Energhie auf seiner Seite.  "


"  Anna Heringer was one of the 12 architects invited to built habitable structures from bamboo for the occasion of the Inaugural Bamboo Biennale in 2016 in the Village of Baoxi, China  "

Format: Book
Pages: 208
Publisher: Materia Exibitions B.V.

Arquitectura Viva | 08/2017

"  The Bamboo architecture Biennale fully interpreted the concept of 'the spirit of a place and rural construction' through a genuine construction process in which bamboo is chosen as the ideal material.  "

Taiwan architect | 07/2017

Architektur fachmagazine | 04/2017

"  Warum nicht den prozess des Bauens in diese Gegenden der Welt einmal andersherum betrachten und als ein Lernen von Entwicklungslandern sehen?  "

TECH21 | 03/03/2017

Interview on earth constructions with Anna Heringer, Martin Rauch, Roger Boltshauser and Jerry Hoskyn.

The Architecture Review | 01/03/2017

" Bamboo has a fragile form of beauty, but in reality, in terms of tensile capacity, culms are stronger than steel "
online article by Joana Lazarova​

Mark 66 - Cloud Nine | 02/2017

"  Overlooking the river, Heringer's three structures are influenced by the history of the place. Each building features a central core, built of stone and rammed earth, enclosed by a beautifully crafted bamboo network structure.  "

Domus - Deutsche Ausgabe 023 | 02/2017

" Anna Heringer verwirklichte im Rahmen einer internationalen Bambus-Architekturbiennale in einem chinesischen Dorf drei Hostels. Als grosse skulpturale Objekte stehen sie inmitten von weiteren Werken, die mit lokalen Materialien wie Bambus, Stein und Stampflehm erstellt wurden. "

Introducing Architectural Tectonics: Exploring the Intersection of Design and Construction | 01/2017

" Anna heringer's description of beauty goes beyond meeting utilitarian need. Her definition rises to fulfilling the aspirations of culture, community self-confidence, and environmental stability.  "

Format: Book
Pages: 348
Publisher: Routledge

World Architecture - Martin Rauch: He is Rammed Earth Architecture | 01/2017

" Invited by Alejandro Aravena, curator of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice, Anna Heringer, Martin Rauch, and Andres Lepik decided to put mud in the focus of their installation.  "

Interior Matters - SOLID | 12/2016

Essay of Anna Heringer and Lindsay Howe Blair featuring projects of Studio Anna Heringer and Martin Rauch/ Lehm Ton Erde

Lotus 160 - Architectural Turn | 10/2016

" From her first project in 2005 [...] to her recent participation in the Venice Biennale, the importance of earth as a construction material and the involvement of communities in the realization of projects have been constant features of her research. "

Metalocus - A floating cave | 07/10/2016

" Omicrom Monolith takes her exploration on the earth construction potential to an extreme level, generating a surprising complex that is worth taking a look. Do you know any first-world building with such a special interior atmosphere? "

Savoir & faire: la terre | 10/2016

" Quel que soit le projet, il faut en multiplier les consequences par 7 milliards d'individus et en analyser les repercussions. "

Format: Book
Pages: 464
Publisher: Actes sud

Architektur Aktuell - La Biennale di Venezia | 09/2016

" It smells good, emanates a feeling of protection and muffles sounds from outside. Clay is a material that touches one emotionally and this is one of the most reliable and fundamental cruiteria for the quality of architecture. "

Intelligente Architektur | 07-09/2016

AH: (...) systems are changing. And at some point there is no other way, because climate change affects us all and doesn't differentiate either.
ML: At the moment it does seem as if there are some differential impacts; for example, severe weather attributable to climate change, especially floods, often wreak the greatest damage in the poorer countries. While it is cynical, global warming also destroys future markets for multinationals. Perhaps it brings them to their senses.

Download full article with Moni Lauster (Transsolar), Friedrich Dassler (xia) and Anna Heringer

VISO (CH) - Architektur Gender und Arbeiten | 06/2016

The Architectural Review | 03/2016

Women in Architecture

Open House 2 - Design Criteria for a New Architecture | 07/2016

" For Anna Heringer, architecture is a tool to improve lives. [...] The METI School and the DESI Training center testify to this in a wonderful way " 

Format: Book
Pages: 248
Publisher: Jovis


Cosentino presents C Magazine #02, a publication targeted to architects and designers. Pages 61-71.

Arquitectura Viva - Dossier Anna Heringer

Three Hostels, Baoxi (China)
Kindergarten for the PORET Community, Chaseyama (Zimbabwe)
Training Center for Sustainability, Marrakech (Morocco)
HOMEmade Family Houses, Rudrapur (Bangladesh)

Monopol-Magazin fur Kunst und leben 04/2014

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HOME-made family houses by Anna Heringer

Aga Khan Award 10th Circle


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Serie 2007 - 4 - Cost-Effective Buildings

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Architecture for a Better Muslim World by Erich Follath

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DESI - another clay-bamboo building opens in Dinajpur

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Bamboo-clay house earns prestigious Aga Khan award

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Visionen haben immer Saison